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Meet Shay Goldenberg

Shay was born in Givataim, which is a city in the center of Israel. Shay and his family moved around quite a lot but he is definitely a city boy. Shay spent his high school years in Blich Ramat Gan High School.  He majored in music and loves to play piano and guitar to this day. Music is most definitely one of Shay 's biggest passions. Upon finishing school, Shay joined the IDF and served in the Shimshon regiment as a combat soldier and commander. He exceled and finished his service with a captain’s rank.
Another great passion in his life is education. Shay fulfils that calling by working in the Aharai youth group, an organization that prepares young adults for their army service by instilling in them important values and principles. Furthermore they undergo intensive physical training. Shay holds the position of manager and oversees the activity of ten groups in ten different cities located in the south of Israel. I have met many individuals who Shay has guided and they always say the same thing: “Shay is the most amazing guy he changed my life because he believed in me”.
Shay is currently graduating with an M.A in public policy from Ben Gurion University.
Shay is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet and an eternal optimist. He has a great big smile that lights up the world and makes you feel at home. He loves to fill people’s life with music and make them happy.











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