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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jewish Federation: Stand with Israel against contractors of terrorism

Statement from The Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines      August 18, 2011
The Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines condemns the multiple cross border attacks by Arab terrorists today on southern Israel from the Sinai.  We join with the people of Israel in mourning those whose lives were taken by the terrorists, including the two children ages 4 and 6.
We stand with Israel as it seeks to protect its citizens from further attacks. 
 Israel is committed to negotiating peace with the Palestinians.  It is prepared to make hard concessions to provide for a two state resolution, recognizing Palestine as the state of the Palestinian people.
 But to do so, the Palestinian leadership must speak with one voice for peace, for acceptance of Israel as the Jewish homeland and for a permanent end to the conflict.  




Underground Crusader city revealed beneath streets of Acre

Archeologists prepare to uncover entire compound built in medieval times and hidden for centuries under the rubble in northern Israel.

By The Associated Press Tags: Israel archeology Israel tourism

Off the track beaten by most Holy Land tourists lies one of the richest archaeological sites in a country full of them: the walled port of Acre, where the busy alleys of an Ottoman-era town cover a uniquely intact Crusader city now being rediscovered.

Preparing to open a new subterranean section to the public, workers cleaned stones this week in an arched passageway underground. Etched in plaster on one wall was a coat of arms — graffiti left by a medieval traveler. Nearby was a main street of cobblestones and a row of shops that once sold clay figurines and ampules for holy water, popular souvenirs for pilgrims.


From the Canton Repository, May 25, 2011

Israeli delegation to discuss security, economic development

Visitors from Akko Israel including the Vice Mayor Ori Arnon, and Chairman of Council Yehuda Shavit are photographed handing Tom Ream the Canton Safety Director a copy of their presentation about security in their community.


By Ed Balint
Posted May 24, 2011 @ 12:42 PM
Last update May 24, 2011 @ 10:51 PM

Quick emergency response times. Homicides are rare. And 50 surveillance cameras are posted in public areas and constantly monitored.

That’s how the city of Akko, Israel, was described to Canton officials and members of the Police Department at a presentation on Tuesday about security.

A delegation of several officials from Israel, including Shimon Lankri, Akko’s mayor, met with local officials to discuss economic development, security, community issues and other topics of mutual interest.


Rami, Madene and GlenOak Class with Jenny and Oz Naor, our shlichim.

Rami Hochman, Director General of the Ghetto Fighters House Museum and Madene Shachar, International Book Sharing Coordinator, spoke to the ninth grade Book Sharing class at GlenOak High School on March 22.


Matt Whitted, who facilitates the IBSP to ninth grade students along with Erica Russell, said “It is very power for our students to talk to Jews in Israel who grew up in the landscape of remembrance of the Holocaust.”  Madene and Rami showed a short film on the history of the GFH, and received feedback on the program.

Bonnie Manello, Canton Federation, with Madene and Mackenzie Smith at Summit School.

Madene also visited Summit School to talk to eighth grade students in Mackenzie Smith’s Book Sharing class.


GlenOak High School and Summit School ISBP students will visit the Detroit Holocaust Museum, along with IBSP’s Canton coordinator, Marilyn Feldman, in April as part of this dynamic educational program.



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From NPR.org

Why Are So Many Jazz Musicians From Israel These Days?

November 21, 2010

by Patrick Jarenwattananon


Israeli jazz musicians

Arne Reimer/courtesy of the artist/Orit Pnini/courtesy of the artistClockwise, from upper left: Anat Fort, Eli Degibri, Avishai Cohen, Rafi Malkiel.

For a country of some 7.5 million, Israel has a surprisingly large jazz footprint. More and more internationally acclaimed jazz musicians happen to be from the country.

Anat Cohen 

Twenty-five years ago, the Israeli jazz scene was barely on the cultural map. But enough American musicians moved there, and enough foreign-trained Israelis moved back — and they started teaching. There’s long been an infrastructure for classical music in Israel, and jazz latched onto that model. U.S. jazz schools have since established relationships with Israeli ones, owing in part to long-standing political relations.
Read the entire article at www.npr.org/blogs

Cultivating understanding

07/01/2010 10:12

Galilee Arab-Jewish schools inspire US artists.


Western Galilee students

Art transcends languages, cultures and even oceans, a group of American artists proved recently when they served as “artists in residence” in the Western Galilee.

The artists came on a program organized by the Jewish Agency’s Partnership with Israel, which has bonded the Western Galilee with a consortium of 15 American cities in Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio and Texas.

Read more: http://www.jpost.com/Features/InThespotlight/Article.aspx?id=180089

Dec. 7, 2009

 Dr. Edward L. Goodman is an expert on two things: preventing the spread of infectious diseases like swine flu, and persuading his medical colleagues in Dallas to come to Israel to learn how to get ready for any possible emergency.
Goodman came here recently to lecture about the H1N1 swine flu virus to the staff of Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya, which serves the Acre and Mateh Asher region that is partnered with Dallas and a consortium of 15 other American Jewish communities through the Jewish Agency’s Partnership 2000 program (P2K).