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Jewish Community Social Action Committee

“Shoe Box Project”

           The Jewish Community Social Action Committee is excited to introduce a very special program called the “Shoe Box Project”.  We are putting together shoe boxes full of items that will be donated to the Domestic Violence Women’s Shelters here in Canton.  The idea is to fill a plastic shoe box with items that the women and children can use when they have to go to the shelters.  See attached list.  The shoe boxes let them know people care about them and want to help them during a very difficult time.

When they come to the shelter, they will be given a box that they will be able to keep and take with them when they leave the shelter.  The boxes for children will have books, card games, crafts, and other activity items.  The women’s boxes will have journals, puzzle books, lotions, socks, and other items.

On a monthly basis, their two shelters have an average of 20 children and 17 women go through them.  We will prepare 37 boxes the first month and try to provide them going forward on an every other month basis.

This will truly be a community project!  The children in the Sunday school will be decorating the boxes.  The older children will help to pack the boxes.  You can help in any of the following three ways:

1.  Sponsor a box – make a monetary donation of $20 or more and we will shop to fill the box for you.  Send a check to the Jewish Federation made out to “Jewish Community Shoe Box Project”.

2.  Purchase items from the attached “Needs List” and drop them off at the Jewish Center (there will be a box in the lobby).

3.  Take a tag from the “Needs Tree” that is in the lobby of the Jewish Center, purchase the items, and return them to the Jewish Center.

The Domestic Violence Project is a private, non-profit organization established in 1978 and is committed to providing a strong, comprehensive safety net for the families in our community.  The clients are welcomed by a caring and compassionate staff offering supportive services necessary to establish an abuse-free lifestyle.  Their two, 24-hour emergency shelters offer a safe refuge for victims of domestic violence and their children, where healing can begin and hope can be restored.   With our “Shoe Box Project” we can be part of the healing and hope!

 Shoe Box Project Needs List

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